Garbh Sanskar Classes in Dubai

What is Garbh Sanskar Expert?

Garbh Sanskar is an ancient Indian Spiritual practise prevalent from the Vedic times and is known to help in shaping the Character and personality of the foetus in the womb or Garbh. Thus essentially, Garbh Sanskar simply translates into ‘educating the mind of the foetus in womb’ Garbh Sanskar is the practice of a few simple activities that contribute towards social, physical , spiritual, mental well-being of both mother and child. With the benefit of scientific research, it is well-proven now that the baby, when in the womb, has infinite capacity to grow his or her mind and senses if the right external stimulation is given. The baby is not an ‘object’ lying in the womb but a smart, and receptive human-in-development. The right stimulation from the external world, mainly by the mother, can make a huge development in its mental growth. For nine months, the developing baby listens to all the outside world sounds. But the strongest bonding of the baby is with its mother’s voice. Scientific studies have established that from 24 weeks onwards it can hear her heartbeats and her voice and its brain is developed enough to react and absorbs mother’s feeling of Joy, happiness, calmness, sadness, and of course horror too. A restless newborn calms down instantly after hearing mother’s voice and feeling her touch is the result of this bonding.

Acharya Charaka says that the foetus’ mind is connected with the parents’ mind, especially with the mother during pregnancy.

How does the pregnant woman connect to her baby using help of Grabh Sanskar Expert in Dubai?

    Let’s say you watched a webshow today that was full of murders and violence. Did you know that the thoughts it generated in you reached the baby promptly? The opposite works in Garbh Sanskar practice. Garbh Sanskar tells us that listening to harmonizing music or reading good text reaches positive qualities or “Satwa Guna” to the baby. He is affected by the mother’s good thoughts, her listening to pleasant music and her reading stories of good deeds. Mothers have immense powers, second only to God, to create certain qualities in us. Yes, women have the power of designing the human mind in the womb itself. The only time a human’s DNA can be changed is in the womb and mothers play the all-important role. There is scientific evidence which proves that a baby in the womb can respond to external stimuli that impinge on mum. If she is not happy or is struggling with stress, fear or anxiety during pregnancy it creates negative pressure on the baby’s nervous system.

In a nutshell, the connection is like a ‘Mental’ Umbilical Cord. The pregnant woman is impacting her baby with:

  • Her diet
  • Oxygen saturation
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Mental activities
  • Physical activities

What are Garbh Sanskar Expert suggest activities for a pregnant woman?

Garbh Sanskar Experts in Dubai advises that a pregnant woman should be emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually healthy. With some lifestyle changes, transforming mind and body is possible. The Heal2fit has taken this as the cornerstone of all its sections. The 6 golden rules for Garbh Sanskar are: Relaxing with Calming Music Initially, the baby isn’t able to hear, but don’t estimate his ability to take the benefits from your good hormones that are released with calming music. Classical music, gentle sounds like lullabies, nice melodies that inspire happiness are all excellent ideas. In the third trimester, the baby is hearing, so it becomes all the more important to choose good music. Ragas like Malkauns, Shaant, Bageshwari, Yaman and Bhairav are also considered to be very good for a child's growth. Pregnancy Meditation With the pressures of pregnancy, unwanted advice and managing day to day stress, it is possible that your mind fills with angry, irritable thoughts. They are very harmful for the baby: it can cause intrauterine infections, low birth weight and premature labour. Pre-term babies are prone to a range of complications later, including chronic lung disease, developmental delays, learning disorders and infant mortality. There's even compelling evidence from epidemiological studies and animal research that babies who experience stress in utero are more likely to develop chronic health problems as adults, such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. Regular meditation helps in a BIG WAY. For Meditation you can connect with Heal2fit Garbh Sanskar Sessions. Pregnancy Yoga While yoga is awesome in preparing your body for delivery and soothing pregnancy aches and pains, its benefits extend to your unborn baby, too. Yoga asanas improve blood circulation and oxygenation which eases your stress. The baby gets the good hormones! Get them from the Yoga section on Heal2fit.

In which month should a pregnant woman Hire a Garbh Sanskar Expert in Dubai?

According to the experts, 'Garbh Sanskar' practices should be started three months before conception. Satvik food and Naadi Shuddhi will cleanse and purify your body for a healthy conception. As soon as you get the good news of pregnancy, remember that there is gene environment interaction happening, right away. Your psychological, physiological and genetic environment is impacting the tiny embryo. It’s time to make a schedule of activities to follow Garbh Sanskar practices immediately!