Pregnancy Yoga in Malaysia

Pregnancy Yoga in Malaysia

Pregnancy is not a “disease”, but a wonderful phenomenon and experience. It is important during this life-changing period to pay due attention to your body and mind.

During pregnancy, the need to stay fit and active is out most important. This is because, it is essential for an expecting mother to be healthy, to have a comfortable journey of pregnancy and smoother delivery experience. Exercising regularly during pregnancy helps an individual to cope with the changes that pregnancy induces in the body. It also helps in dealing better with the weight gain and gear up for childbirth and taking care of new-born baby.

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pregnancy yoga in malaysia

Best Pregnancy Yoga in Malaysia

Heal 2 Fit is the unique antenatal & postnatal fitness destination in Malaysia, which offers number of customized classes, that helps you to attain healthy pregnancy & make you feel active, strong, and energetic throughout this beautiful journey. We also aims in preparing body for natural birthing & ensuring in rapid recovery post-delivery. Our sessions are designed for not just for exercise but also as an exploration of your body as it changes during pregnancy.

Postnatal care is as important as prenatal care. The postnatal period generally lasts for 6-8 weeks after the baby is born. During this period a new mother goes through several physical and emotional changes while learning to care for her new-born. The most important elements of postnatal care are enough rest, good nutrition and mother & child care.

At Heal 2 Fit, we strongly understand that women have specific dietary needs during and after pregnancy. This includes discrete focus on overall nutrition, BP and cardiac care, diabetes & obesity. We firmly believe that pregnancy is a period where a healthy diet matters and we do establish that adequate levels of nutrition and essential minerals, vitamins etc. are provided to the mother-to-be. Our team of dieticians provide tailor-made diet plans for pregnant women and monitor their health throughout the period of pregnancy and even after delivery, in consensus with respective gynaecologists.

Best Prenatal Trainer in Meerut

Experienced team of Physiotherapists & Fitness Trainers at Heal 2 Fit, play a critical role in both antenatal and postnatal care, providing their expertise in helping women stay healthy and fit during the entire period of pregnancy and beyond, to ensure a healthy and pleasant delivery experience and recovery post birthing through specifically customized programs. Apart from regular offerings, to highlight a few, our specialized focus on antenatal & programme comprises of some of the following techniques:

Antenatal care, is a type of preventive healthcare. It is provided in the form of medical check-ups, counselling on recommendations in managing a healthy lifestyle along with provision of medical information such as maternal physiological changes in pregnancy, biological changes, and prenatal nutrition. This also includes addition of prenatal vitamins in daily dietary habits, which prevents potential health problems throughout the course of the pregnancy and promotes the mother and child's health alike.

Team Heal 2 Fit is also pioneered in managing various physiological conditions across different stage of a woman’s life, including management of stress, healthy ageing and management of various gynaecology related health issues such as muscle retraining, exercise therapy etc.

In addition to our distinctive classes, we also have informative discussions & couple workout sessions, to enhance bonding & preparation for the challenging and wonderful world of parenthood.

Heal 2 Fit aims to partner with you from pre-conception to post-delivery with specific health care plans and absolute discretion. It is our outmost aim to ensure you have a memorable pregnancy and birthing experience.

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